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Master complexity.

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When Australia’s safety and security is at stake, it is critical to choose technology that enables the strongest response.

As the scale and complexity of the threat escalates, your agency is rapidly orienting itself to emerging solutions. Navigating hostile environments. Seeking to make a strategically informed capability investment.

Cognitive Advantage charts the course. We bring expertise in architecting and implementing emerging technologies, developed with and for your sector.

Who we serve


National Security

Law Enforcement

Our services


Business Analysis

Technology Strategy

Enterprise Architecture

Capability Modelling

Rapid Prototyping

Our capabilities

Data analytics

  • Extract actionable intelligence
  • Connect disparate data sets
  • Enhance processing with machine learning

Cloud Computing

  • Deploy the right infrastructure
  • Rapidly scale up and out
  • Maintain robust security

Machine to machine

  • Synthesise sensor data
  • Automate instant responses
  • Integrate strategic human intervention

Why Cognitive Advantage

In your environment, the room for error is vanishingly small. Your projects cannot afford lengthy orientation or discovery phases.

That’s why Cognitive Advantage is dedicated to serving defence, national security and law enforcement. As specialists in this domain, we begin each engagement already understanding your context and strategic drivers.

From there, we move quickly to:

  • diagnose root causes of complex problems
  • capture your vision of the future state
  • tailor a solution for your exact requirements.

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